"Alpha STAR's GENOA and MCQ have given us the edge in safely designing ceramic hot engine components subject to engine environments. Verifications with coupons, elements and components subject to temperature, creep, fatigue, micro-cracking, fiber rupture, recession, and for certain materials oxidation, and thermal & environmental barrier coatings have all been performed.  In-situ damages are accurately assessed at the micromechanical material level with MCQ Ceramics and can be tracked with GENOA at the structural level accounting for specific architecture, defects, and manufacturing residual stresses and other anomalies."

Sung R. Choi, PhD, Science & Technology Lead

Metals & Ceramics Branch AIR-, Naval Air Systems Command

“By using the  GENOA Multi-Scale PFA software, we were able to gain valuable insight into damage and fatigue tolerance of the rotor craft. We were able to identify damage and fracture modes, types of flaws initiating the fracture modes as well as propagation of damage at critical locations. This type of information is extremely valuable for identifying the life cycle of critical parts and assigning inspection criteria to ensure reliable service life.”

Dr. R. Vijaya Kumar, Sr. Manager, Stress Analysis, 

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore, India