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Introducing GENOA3DP
The Leading Solution for Additive Manufacturing Simulation.



Use GENOA3DP to simulate the 3D printing process, for both polymers and metals, and accurately predict the manufacturing anomalies, irregularities and inefficiencies associated with as-built AM parts.  End users and engineers alike are able to use the user friendly tool set to Optimize a Build, Reduce Cost, and 3D Print a Part Right the First GO!

Upcoming Events

Nanotech 2018 Conference

Attending as a Key Note Speaker, Dr. Frank Abdi will be presenting:

Characterization of Nano Composite Material and Industrial Application

Tuesday May 15th @ 1:30pm

3D Print Part Performance Qualification and Effect of Defects

Wednesday May 16th @ 1:55pm

SAMPE Long Beach

May 21-24, 2018
Long Beach, CA

For additional information or software demo's - visit AlphaSTAR at Booth #G51


Dr. Frank Abdi will be giving a presentation on:

In-Situ Monitoring and Thermal calculation of 3D print Process

LS-Dyna International Conference & Users Meeting

June 10-12, 2018
Dearborn, MI

Learn more about AlphaSTAR products by visiting the ETA Booth during the conference!

DS Science in the Age of Experience

June 18-21, 2018
Boston, NY

For additional information or a software demo - visit AlphaSTAR at Booth #29